We support many segments of the automotive industry

Customised heaters for every specific rear-view mirror

Customized heating elements

Flexible, lightweight and space-saving

Flexible heating elements, or foil elements, offer many advantages in addition to the fact that the material is flexible. Examples include the ability to have multiple circuits or multiple voltages in the same element, or the ease of locating a sensor.

Foil elements are a space-saving, efficient alternative to applications where precise heat and the maintenance of an exact temperature are important. They are supplied in various materials such polyimide, polyester, silicone, PTC and mica.


Image of a camera heater

Front view camera heaters

We offer different type of heaters, both heaters using convection to heat up the camera field of view as well as heaters using heat transfer in the glass to clear the camera field of view. Commonly used for lane assist, collision warning, keeping distance to other vehicles etc.

Image of a lens heater

Wrap around lens heater

Can be mounted either as a wrap-around on the lens barrel, or in the very front around the lens. We want to have the heater as close to the lens as possible in order to achieve good performance and fast deicing of the lens to clear the camera’s field of view. Commonly used for blind-spot monitoring or cross-traffic alert.

Image of a radar heater

Radar heater

Radar heaters are needed in wet & snowy conditions. Defogging and deicing of the radar field of view minimises incorrect readings, and avoids malfunction. Provides excellent heating performance for a wide range of frequencies.

Image of a fluid heater

Fluid system heater

Transformation of the propulsion systems in passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, from petrol- or diesel-fuelled to more environmentally friendly solutions is a challenge for the storage and dosing systems. Backer Calesco provides heating solutions for a variety of tank system technologies.

Image of a battery heater

Battery heater

Environmentally friendly vehicles demand efficient batteries. We produce flexible foil heaters for different battery applications. The batteries’ charging rate is affected by temperature, and heating batteries increases both lifetime and efficiency.

Image of a rear view heater

Rear-view mirror heater

Heaters for every specific rear-view mirror, either in constant wattage or PTC. We meet most of the car manufacturers specifications, through high and low power, depending on the permitted maximum temperature on the glass.


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