By adding heating, both lifetime and efficiency will increase


  • Increased lifetime
  • Increased capacity
  • Faster charging time
  • Reliability

Etched foil heaters placed between the battery cells

Customized heating elements

Flexible, lightweight and space-saving

Flexible heating elements, or foil elements, offer many advantages in addition to the fact that the material is flexible. Examples include the ability to have multiple circuits or multiple voltages in the same element, or the ease of locating a sensor.

Foil elements are a space-saving, efficient alternative to applications where precise heat and the maintenance of an exact temperature are important. They are supplied in various materials such polyimide, polyester, silicone, PTC and mica.


Image of a battery heater

Internal heating of batteries

When our heater is mounted on the pouch, fast and uniform heat distribution are achieved. With foil heaters you get safe heat with direct contact and low surface power. You can also use the heater as a load dump cell.

Image of a battery heater

Prismatic cell and pouch batteries

Our heaters can be laminated with an aluminum pouch to improve heat transfer. We can offer self-regulated PTC heaters or constant-wattage heaters for prismatic-cell and pouch batteries. Max. temperature is +80°C for this type of application.


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