Safe temperature, uniform distribution and robustness are key features for delivering safe and fresh food

We can heat individual plates or the whole compartment in cabinets

Customized heating elements

Flexible, lightweight and space-saving

Flexible heating elements, or foil elements, offer many advantages in addition to the fact that the material is flexible. Examples include the ability to have multiple circuits or multiple voltages in the same element, or the ease of locating a sensor.

Foil elements are a space-saving, efficient alternative to applications where precise heat and the maintenance of an exact temperature are important. They are supplied in various materials such polyimide, polyester, silicone, PTC and mica.


Image of a espresso machine heater

Espresso cup warmers

We can preheat the cups for espresso machines so that the espresso does not lose heat while being poured into the cup. This provides a better experience for the coffee drinker and ensures quality and taste.

Image of a water bath heater

Water bath heating

Maintaining exact temperatures in water baths is crucial for getting the best result when precooking sous vide or making chocolate. We can engineer exact temperatures and uniform heating over a large surface.

Image of a cabinet heater

Heating cabinets

By integrating a flex foil heater into the cabinet, you can ensure a long lifetime and robustness of the cabinet. We can heat individual plates or the whole compartment, dividing the heat into different power zones by integrating thermistors or measuring the resistance of the foil to regulate temperature.