Energy saving systems, which secures reliable railway traffic

Common applications:

  • Switch point heating
  • Floor heating
  • Step heating

Etched foil floor heating in trains saves space and weight

Customized heating elements

Flexible, lightweight and space-saving

Flexible heating elements, or foil elements, offer many advantages in addition to the fact that the material is flexible. Examples include the ability to have multiple circuits or multiple voltages in the same element, or the ease of locating a sensor.

Foil elements are a space-saving, efficient alternative to applications where precise heat and the maintenance of an exact temperature are important. They are supplied in various materials such polyimide, polyester, silicone, PTC and mica.


Image of a railway floor heater

Floor heating

With our electric radiant floor heating solutions, you can save space and weight by installing foil as floor heating. Power output: 50W - 700W/m² and supply voltage: 48-800VAC/DC.

Image of a railway step heater

Step heating

We offer a range of customised special solutions for easy installation on all steps and disabled ramps. In particular, our range of flexible foils for defrosting and hydraulic oil heating save space and weight.

Image of a railway switch point heater

Switch point heating

With our switch-point heating system, you get an energy saving system, which secures reliable railway traffic through the switch points even under severe winter weather conditions.


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