Our heating elements ensure reliable control

Our heaters for autoclaves speed up the cycling time

Customized heating elements

Flexible, lightweight and space-saving

Flexible heating elements, or foil elements, offer many advantages in addition to the fact that the material is flexible. Examples include the ability to have multiple circuits or multiple voltages in the same element, or the ease of locating a sensor.

Foil elements are a space-saving, efficient alternative to applications where precise heat and the maintenance of an exact temperature are important. They are supplied in various materials such polyimide, polyester, silicone, PTC and mica.


Image of an anesthesia heater

Anesthesia heater

We customise heat so it is in exactly the right spot for both temperature and range. Vaporising moisture and keeping the right climate are important. By using a flex foil with an integrated controller, we can optimise and ensure proper functioning.

Image of a polyimide heater

Autoclave heater

Our flexible foil heaters can be used as booster heaters and for applications such as autoclaves and vaporisers. Our heaters prevent dripping from the top of the vessel and speed up the cycling time.

Image of an infusion bag heater

Infusion bag heaters

The heater is integrated into the bag and together with our temperature controller, the infusion liquid maintains the required temperature.

Image of an magnetic stirrer heater

Magnetic stirrer heater

Our heaters are placed between the metal plates and maintain a uniform temperature. The heater is customised to provide a reliable, quick heating time for the stir plate.

Image of an packaging machine heater

Packaging machine heaters

Process control is important in a modern production line. We can supply reliable heating solutions for plastic and packaging machines and for other equipment.

Image of a surgery bad heater

Surgery beds/Incubator heaters

The operating table heater keeps the patient warm during an operation and the incubator heater warms newborns or premature babies and maintains a temperature of 37°C with the integrated temperature control.

Image of a test tube heater

Test-tube heaters

Heaters for applications that require small amounts of precise and direct heat. Our heaters are ideal for applications that need the heater to route around tubes and have different power zones.


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