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A thin flexible foil heater provides excellent thermal contact in the area where you need it most. Heaters are used in thermal control design to protect components under cold-case environmental conditions or to make up for heat that is not dissipated. Heaters are used with thermostats, PTC, PT100/PT1000 sensors, thermocouples, solid-state or digital controllers to provide exact temperature control of a particular component.

Our heating products together with our measurement and control devices offer our customers complete solutions. Our engineers will not only suggest solutions they can also take part and contribute to your product development by using our advanced technical tools and lab facilities.

Smart heater concept with integrated solutions

The demands for smart simple solutions creates new applications. Backer Calesco designes heaters with integrated temperature control. We can offer solutions with integrated thermal controllers and sensors communicating through RS232, WiFi or Zigbee.

Backer Calesco can design and produce heaters with integrated temperature control in various different sizes and temperature areas. Our experienced engineers will guide you to find the best possible solution. 

Applications that require thermal management

Electrical cabinets

  • Typical range -20 to 40˚C


  • Typical range 50 to 250˚C


  • Typical range -40 to 80˚C


  • Typical range -5 to 20˚C

Life science components

  • Typical range 37˚C


  • Typical range -30 to 40˚C

Performance testing

  • Temperature and measurement
  • Thermal imaging
  • Climate chamber -40 to +200ºC
  • Humidity chamber
  • Initial vibration test
  • Life cycle testing
  • Resistor power testing
  • Long term corrosion tests
  • Electrial tests up to 24kV AC
  • External resources for other types of tests such as shock and vibration and intermittent pulses.

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