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Flexible foil heating

Standard Heater Selection

Backer Calesco has an selection of heaters available on stock for immediate delivery. The heaters can operate under different voltages giving different power. The standard heaters can be a good start in the development stage, the heaters are already designed and have the tooling ready.

We have heaters in different materials and sizes, choose the one most suitable to your application in both size and power.


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Waterbed heating

Patented Waterbed Heating

Backer Calesco waterbed heaters distribute heat evenly for maximum sleeping comfort. They are flexible, have sensitive heat control and protection against overheating. We are the largest producer of waterbed heaters in the world.


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Bathroom mirror heating

Bathroom Mirror Heating

The Backer Calesco bathroom mirror heaters are simple to install and enables you to shave or put on make-up without having to worry about the mirror steaming up.

Our heaters give low, even temperature that make mirrors safe to touch but still keeps it clear. The mirror heaters have very low running costs.


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Floor heating

Floor Heating

Backer Calesco offers different solutions of floor heating for both wooden/laminate floor and for caravans. The Calesco heating film is a low profile heater (0,3 mm) and the parallel circuits give a robust function of the heating element.


Our floor heating does not need to be glued or fastened with filler that makes an easy installation. The design also gives freedom to cut the heaters in right lengths at the assembly and this gives the possibility to cover as much floor surface as possible.


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Gutter heating

Gutter Heating

The Backer Calesco gutter heater is a must have for safe removal of snow and prevention of those dangerous icicles on the gutters of houses and tall buildings. The heater effectively heats the whole surface of the gutter, melting the snow as it makes contact with the gutter and heating foil. The snow is melted and the water is drained off through the heated downspouts to eliminate the risk of icicles forming.


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