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Rear-view mirror heater

Heaters that equip most of the well-known cars today...

Backer Calesco provides you with know-how in design, heat distribution, respect of OEMs specifications, and can help you determine the best balance between power and defrosting. Our technicians will develop a heater that corresponds to your requirements, through the most advanced Cad programs.


Backer Calesco designs heaters for every specific rear-view mirror, either in Constant Wattage or PTC. We meet most of the car manufacturers specifications, through high and low power, depending on the allowed maximum temperature on the glass.


All heaters are tested in our Laboratory, and we supply you with the Data needed for its approval. We supply millions of heaters over the whole world, and our heaters equip most of the well-known cars manufactured today.


Rear view mirror heater

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